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Opinion: There Is A Crucial Need For Real Estate Cybersecurity

Opinion: There Is A Crucial Need For Real Estate Cybersecurity


Technology is at the core of everyday real estate operations. However, recent data breaches involving major players like loanDepot, First American Financial, and others have shed light on the vulnerability of sensitive information within the industry. Many personal dreams and aspirations take shape in our industry, so safeguarding information is essential. Real estate professionals handle a plethora […]

The U.S. Rental Market To Gain In Importance As The For-Sale Market Remains Challenging


In the ever-changing American housing landscapes, agents are well advised to stay attuned to shifts in affordability and flexibility trends, as these factors drive the growth and evolution of rental demand and can have a substantial impact on those servicing the real estate segment. For agents, staying informed about these developments is essential for strategic […]

5 Trends That Will Reshape The Real Estate Market In 2024


The landscape of real estate is undergoing significant transformations in 2024, driven by a confluence of technological advancements, shifting market dynamics and evolving consumer behaviors.  1. Technology 2024: Proptech challenges and profitability pursuit The proptech sector, a technological cornerstone of the real estate space heavily reliant on venture capital, has encountered formidable challenges in the […]