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A San Diego Data Dive Shows A Market Upended By Tight Supply

DataDigest: National Rent Price Growth Normalizes, While Austin Rents Lose Steam


The pandemic-era boom in single-family rental prices is over, according to CoreLogic‘s Single-Family Rent Index. The index, which analyzes single-family rent price changes nationally and across major metropolitan areas, tracked 13-15% annual growth in rental prices in the first half of 2023, but the index value rose only 2.7% in November, the latest data available. […]

DataDigest: Fannie Mae’s Market View Gets Rosier, But Traders Get More Skeptical


Last month, DataDigest explored market experts’ expectations for 2024, with the consensus calling for a moderately better housing market than 2023. But a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee the following week set off a market frenzy over expectations of interest rate cuts, moving mortgage rates down well ahead of experts’ forecasts and prompting […]

DataDigest: Construction Costs Easing For Homebuilders


New home construction exploded early in the pandemic as soaring home demand squeezed existing inventory nationwide, giving homebuilders a much bigger share of a shrinking pie. However, as mortgage rates hit multi-decade highs, cooling demand and shrinking the pool of qualified buyers for new homes, homebuilders slowed their pace of construction, which settled at a […]

DataDigest: Will Work For Housing


A secondary school teacher in Colorado makes on average just under $63,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If a Colorado teacher making the average salary had $20,000 to put towards a down payment and were willing to spend 30% of their pre-tax salary on their mortgage payment, she could afford a house that […]