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Aceable Agent Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Are you interested in pursuing or advancing a real estate career? If you’re new to real estate, you must complete a state-approved course and pass your state’s licensing exam. The number of required class hours varies according to state law. Aceable Agent is an online real estate school that offers self-paced real estate courses designed for mobile app and web. Their prelicensing courses are available 14 states. (See our list in this article)

Aceable Agent courses are designed by teachers, writers, engineers and industry experts. Professional development and continuing education courses are offered in a handful of states. In this Aceable Agent review, we’ll examine the school’s prelicensing course packages for aspiring real estate agents to help you decided if Aceable Agent is right for you.

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Aceable Agent Courses: Overview


Aceable Agent was one of the first real estate schools to design a mobile app on which students could complete their prelicensing course. The school remains one of the only providers with a full-fledged mobile app for students on the go. What’s more, their affordable real estate courses are fully narrated for hand-free audio learning. You can tune in as you would to your favorite podcast or audiobook and complete your real estate licensing course while walking the dog or working out at the gym.

Aceable Agent’s real estate prelicensing courses are interactive and engaging, helping students retain information and prepare for the state exam. The online and mobile-friendly format means students can fit their real estate studies into their day in the way that works best for them,

Mobile app. Audio lessons. Flexible learning.

Aceable Agent prelicensing course availability

  • Flexible, self-paced learning
  • Affordable (prelicensing courses start at $116 for a 63-hour course in Florida)
  • Mobile-friendly interactive learning platform
  • Excellent exam prep materials (PrepAgent State Exam Prep)
  • A pass guarantee (not applicable in Florida)
  • Course videos offer English captions 
  • Weekly live webinars for Premium package students
  • No 5-day free trial (as with The CE Shop)
  • Only one hour of private tutoring is available (and only through the Premium package)
  • Only available in 14 states (The CE Shop courses are available in 45 of 50 states)
  • Course videos only offer English captions and don’t offer transcripts

Alternatives to Aceable Agent

Top Pick

The CE Shop

Most widely available. Free trial.

Proprietary Leap 2.0 learning platform is very intuitive. A 5-day free trial and Pass Guarantee with packages that include Exam Prep Edge. Prelicensing courses available in 45 states.

Starting at:


Visit The CE Shop
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Colibri Real Estate

Online real estate courses in 40 states

Excellent student support, intuitive online platform, and package upgrades that feature instructor engagement, exam prep and career resources.

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Budget Pick


Brand new learning platform.

With a new learning platform launching in March 2024, you can expect an improved, streamlined learning experience with pared down “courses only” options for budget-conscious students. Available in 14 states.

Starting at:


Visit RealEstateU
Upgrade Pick


50+ years as a leading education provider

Pre-recorded video content led by experienced industry leaders. Easy access to instructors to ask questions, plus career mentoring opportunities.

Starting at:


Visit Kaplan

Aceable Agent features

Course Format

Aceable Agent offers self-paced learning that is accessible anytime through its website and mobile app. Its courses engage students with interactive content, including quizzes, games and videos. Course content is fully narrated for a hand-free audio experience. Students can listen to the course material as they might tune in to a favorite audiobook or podcast. 

Pass Guarantee and Refund Policy

Aceable Agent offers the Ace or Don’t Pay Guarantee. If you don’t pass the licensing exam after three attempts, Aceable Agent will refund your money. Additional terms and conditions apply, and state laws and regulations may prohibit some students from qualifying. Additionally, the guarantee is not applicable in Florida due to state law. 

Aceable Agent Pricing

Package offerings and pricing will vary by state, but most states offer Basic, Premium and Deluxe prelicensing packages. The Basic package includes the required course hours for the state, Lite Exam Prep (1,000 unique real estate exam practice questions), and a mini-course on how to find the right sponsoring broker.

The Deluxe Package includes the Basic offerings, a virtual AI instructor available 24/7 to answer questions and explain key concepts, and PrepAgent, their proprietary study tools to help you ace the state exam. We’ll share more details about the school’s study tools below.

Finally, the Premium package has the same offerings as the Deluxe plus an hour of private tutoring with a real estate expert, live webinars five times a week covering real estate concepts, and a live Q&A every Friday where students can have their questions answered by industry experts. See below for a sample range of course pricing in the most populous states.

Taking Aceable Agent’s prelicensing courses

When you log into Aceable Agent using their browser or the mobile app, you’ll see a home screen listing all the courses you’ve enrolled in and progress bars showing how far you’ve advanced in each course.

Prelicensing course dashboard


When you log in to a course, you’ll see a sidebar showing your progress and a list of all course sections.


Clicking on a section will reveal the table of contents for that topic. Green check marks indicate chapters that have been completed, and red lightning bolts indicate chapters that need more review and study, according to your personalized Mastery Tracking data, which we’ll cover below.


Prelicensing course content

Aceable Agent’s courses are designed with interaction in mind. Each course includes engaging activities, games, videos and methods to keep students focused, improve comprehension, and help you retain new information. Features like quizzes, exercises and practice exams increase your retention of the material through review of your knowledge.

You’ll have unlimited access to bite-sized video content hosted by industry experts that includes English-language captions. Additionally, the courses include audio voiceover, so students can listen and learn on the go. The variety of course materials and learning methods let you engage with content in the ways that best work for you.

Within Aceable Agent’s courses, each level begins with an overview that includes a list of objectives to summarize the skills you’ll gain and an estimate of how long the level will take to finish. 

Progress tracking

Pop-up questions throughout the course test your understanding of concepts you’ve just learned and give you a risk-free way to practice before assessments. Your performance on these will influence your personalized Mastery Tracking data.

Aceable Agent’s Mastery Tracking provides an accurate reading of what material students know well and what material they need to review before they take the exam. Chapters marked with a red lightning bolt on the overview page for each level indicate where Mastery Tracking shows you could use more study. Once you have reviewed the material again and feel more confident, you can mark those chapters as “reviewed,” clearing the lightning bolt marker.

Exam prep materials

Aceable Agent’s Basic course packages include Lite Exam Prep, comprised of 1,000 unique real estate exam practice questions. All other packages include PrepAgent by Aceable Agent, a more comprehensive suite of study tools to help you prepare for the real estate exam.

PrepAgent State Exam Prep materials include premium study tools — 75 videos, 70 audio lessons, and digital flashcards on key real estate concepts. Its Deluxe exam prep package features 1,660+ additional practice exam questions covering concepts particular to national and state issues of real estate practice. You’ll also receive a real estate exam prep eBook featuring more than 100 pages of exam prep.

Career resources

Aceable Agent offers free resources for students in its Real Estate Career Resource Center. Content is written by seasoned experts and covers life as a real estate agent, real estate school and licensing, real estate brokers and brokerages, Realtor license information, and real estate continuing education. 

Aceable Agent also offers paid professional development courses on topics such as listing appointments and how to position yourself as the neighborhood real estate expert. 

Customer Reviews

Aceable Agent boasts an average 4.9 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot across 7,913 reviews. Its students particularly appreciate the engaging and interactive content, saying it is stimulating and helps keep them interested. 

Aceable Agent Review: The full picture

Preparing for a new career can feel daunting, but studying to pass the real estate licensing exam doesn’t need to be stressful. Aceable Agent’s online courses make it easy and fun with interactive, bite-sized content, a convenient mobile app and narrated courses to help you learn on the go. We only wish it were available in more states because of its versatile learning formats to match every type of learner.

Prelicensing courses are affordable and can be completed via computer, tablet or phone according to your schedule and timeline for getting licensed. Interactive course material keeps students engaged, and Mastery Tracking makes it easy to see what material you need to return to in more depth.

For a starting price of $125, Aceable Agent is a budget-friendly choice for anyone who wants to squeeze in their real estate course between other work, family, and community commitments. We love the easy-to-use interface, as well as the practical quizzes, games and practice questions to help with knowledge retention.

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