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AutomatiQ Borrower From CoreLogic Provides Verification Data And Decision Analysis All In One Platform

AutomatIQ Borrower from CoreLogic is a one-stop borrower verification and qualification platform. The platform was built focused on two key aspects: what data do lenders need, and why do lenders need this data?

Lenders need answers to three key questions:

  • Does the borrower have the capacity to pay?
  • Does the borrower have the propensity to pay?
  • Does the borrower have the ability to pay?

With verification data and decision analysis all in one platform, lenders can source, analyze and make borrower underwriting decisions all in one place.

Income underwriting makes up about 80% of the total time and complexity it takes to underwrite a borrower. The AutomatIQ Borrower Income Analysis tool is designed to work across a wide spectrum of borrowers. No matter the complexity of the borrower’s situation, it quickly provides the full picture of the income for the loan. It also performs all the calculations per specified investor guidelines, with transparency in calculations. 

AutomatIQ Borrower is built around automating the simple and simplifying the complex parts of the origination process. This allows lenders to scale on volume without sacrificing speed or accuracy. 

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