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Coldwell Banker’s Move Meter Finds Tampa As Sixth Most ‘dreamed About’ City To Move To – Tampa Bay Business & Wealth

According to new data from the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Move Meter tool, which compares characteristics such as cost and quality of living, city by city, Tampa is one of the top ten cities people want to move to.

Austin, Texas was found to be the most searched Move Meter destination and Charlotte, North Carolina was the second most popular city.

The Top 10 Cities People Are Dreaming of Moving To:

1.         Austin, Texas

2.         Charlotte, N.C.

3.         New York

4.         Los Angeles

5.         Nashville, Tenn.

6.         Tampa, Fla.

7.         Raleigh, N.C.

8.         Seattle

9.         Atlanta

10.       San Diego

The Top 10 Cities People Are Dreaming of Moving From:

1.         Los Angeles

2.         Denver

3.         New York

4.         Louisville, Ky.

5.         Chicago

6.         Austin, Texas

7.         Allentown, Pa.

8.         Seattle

9.         San Diego

10.       Minneapolis

The Move Meter tool was created to give sellers, and buyers, information about the potential of making their dream move a reality. It’s also the focus of the brand’s new “Dream” ad campaign.

The data collected, which includes tens of thousands of searches over the course of this year’s campaign, reveals information indicating where people are searching when looking for places to move to.

For those already living in Florida, it appears they’re not interested in moving out of the state. Residents in California, Florida and Texas lead with the most searches within their own states.