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Keller Williams Announces New Executive Appointments 

Keller Williams (KW) has appointed Wendi Harrelson as president of KWRI-owned regions and John Clidy as vice president of growth, the company announced on Wednesday. The appointments were effective as of Dec. 12.

“Well-known across our ecosystem as servant leaders, Wendi and John will act as growth partners for our regional operating principals and regional directors,” Mark Willis, CEO of KW, said in a statement. “They are all in on ensuring our market centers win the day and dominate locally.”

Harrelson joined KW over 30 years ago as an agent. Since then, she has succeeded across different leadership roles, including market center operating principal, regional operating principal, regional director, KW MAPS regional leadership coach, and divisional leader. 

Clidy, on the other hand, joined the company ten years ago as a “mega agent.” He has also excelled in multiple leadership roles. 

“Wendi has inspired, trained, and recruited many of our best agents, team leaders, and operating principals,” Willis added. “And John understands how to serve our market center leaders at the highest level.”

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