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Kevin Sears, NAR Won’t Take On Any Presidential Initiatives

In an email to the board of directors on Wednesday, National Association of Realtors (NAR) President Kevin Sears announced that he and the trade organization would not be taking on any presidential initiatives throughout the duration of his term, as first reported by Inman News

Sears stepped into the role of NAR president in January after Tracy Kasper announced her resignation, reportedly due to threats of blackmail. Kasper herself was just five months into her term as president, as she had taken over the role from Kenny Parcell, who resigned in August 2023 due to sexual harassment allegations.

Sears is expected to serve the rest of Kasper’s term as well as his own term, meaning that his tenure will last until November 2025. 

In addition, Sears also informed the board that the trade group’s financial literacy and education program for high school students, known as Ignite Others, will also be winding down. According to Sears, NAR’s leadership team unanimously voted to end the program. It was initially meant to kick off this year under Kasper’s leadership. 

“As you know, there are many challenges facing our profession today, and the Leadership Team and I have been engaged in extensive discussions with members to understand their feedback and concerns,” Sears wrote in his email. “We hear you and are taking action to meet your needs. Now more than ever is the time to refocus our efforts on the basics — NAR’s core programs and supporting our members where they are most demanding our help.”

Sears noted that members who have applied to participate in the financial literacy piece of Ignite Others, and those who have visits scheduled, will be able to complete them. Local associations have until Feb. 23 to apply for Ignite Others event grants. 

With the trade group facing numerous challenges, including the turmoil in its leadership team, the Sitzer/Burnett jury verdict and damages award, as well as the countless copycat commission lawsuits, it is easy to imagine why NAR would want to take other items off its plate. But the trade group did not return a request for comment about why it had pulled the plug on these initiatives.

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