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Livian Adds Four Real Estate Teams

Real estate platform Livian has recently acquired four additional teams to bolster its roster to a total of 61 teams. Livian now has teams in 27 states, amounting to more than 475 agents nationwide.

“We’re bringing together the best minds in the industry to elevate our services and redefine the future of real estate,” Adam Hergenrother, CEO of Livian, said in a statement. “Together, we are poised to create unparalleled opportunities and set new standards of success in the world of real estate brokerage.”

The four most recent recruits to the company are Livian The Houk Group, led by Tim Houk; Livian Estates, led by J. Michael Manley; Livian Homes Collective, led by Lisa Sisko; and Livian The Merritt Real Estate Group, led by Matt Merritt. 

The Houk Group was featured on the RealTrends 2023 America’s Best list, ranking No. 3 and No. 7 in Louisiana for sides and sales volume, respectively. The Houk Group posted a total of 135 transactions amounting to $30.1 million in sales. Based in Louisiana, the team boasts five real estate agents and two staff members.

Based in South Carolina, Livian Estates has six real estate agents and three staff members. It sold 50 units, amounting to $15.6 million in volume in 2023, according to Livian’s news release.

Meanwhile, The Merritt Real Estate Group, based in New Jersey, sold 58 units for $38 million in sales volume in 2023. The team features 10 real estate agents and two staff members.

Boasting eight real estate agents and three staff members, Livian Homes Collective sold 114 units and reached $40.6 million in sales volume in 2023. 

As a company, Livian offers its agents and teams a suite of tools such as marketing services, diversified lead-generation levers, automated conversion strategies, human resources, talent acquisition support, fiscal reporting, accounting, prescriptive training and coaching. 

Previously called Hergenrother Realty Group, an expansion team founded in 2011, Livian launched in 2021 in partnership with Keller Williams.

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