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Mortgage Rates Center Couples Data With Insight

Introducing the NEW HousingWire Mortgage Rates Center, a resource for housing professionals to access real-time mortgage rates data and the insights that fuel understanding and decision-making.

HousingWire is dedicated to providing housing professionals with the full picture, and while there are many places to find rates information, the Mortgages Rates Center takes a nuanced approach – coupling data with context. Each day HousingWire will help explain what’s happening in the world of mortgage rates with a quick explainer of current market drivers and a video that goes into more depth on today’s market dynamics – led by HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami.

Feb. 6: “Mortgage pricing should be a bit better today. The 10-year yield is slightly lower, but yesterday, the spreads were terrible, so just some improvement in that can lead to slightly better pricing today.”

Logan Mohtashami, HousingWire Lead Analyst

Logan MRC

To create this experience for users, HousingWire tapped the pricing expertise of Polly to power the rates data. Polly’s advanced data science capabilities and diverse data sets enable HousingWire to deliver the most accurate representation of rates across the entirety of the mortgage market. This data set is modeled using real-time locked rates with consumers nationwide.

MRC article WP

“The new Mortgage Rates Center is without question the best resource to gather detail on economic and market data that can impact mortgage pricing,” says HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami. “Especially in today’s environment, lenders have to stay informed on what is happening as it happens, and particularly how the 10-year yield ties to current mortgage rates. When business can be won or lost in a matter of minutes based on intraday shifts, this information is power.”

The Mortgage Rates Center also includes charting capabilities that empower users to analyze rate trends over different time series and products. The dynamic charts are downloadable and shareable for housing professionals to leverage in sales conversations, marketing collateral and on social media.

MRC chart

In a statement about the Mortgage Rates Center, Polly CEO Adam Carmel shared “I’ve been an avid HousingWire reader since I began my career in mortgage more than a decade ago, and the publication remains the go-to source for relevant and timely industry information.” 

“We are ecstatic to partner with them as their trusted data provider. Our teams share a mutual passion for providing lenders and other industry participants with granular data, understanding that it is pivotal to keep a pulse on what is happening in the current housing market, and to ensure profitability as the industry continues to evolve.”

Data from the Mortgage Rates Center also flows to the HousingWire homepage, where the 30-year fixed mortgage rates will be presented in a new Market Glimpse module. In addition to real-time mortgage rates, we launched the Market Glimpse with housing inventory data powered by Altos Research. We will incorporate additional data modules to support decision-making for housing professionals in the near-future.

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