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Rocket Homes Looks To Merge House Hunts With The Open Road

Rocket Homes is looking to make your daily commute part of your home search experience. The company announced Tuesday that the Rocket Homes iOS app is now available on the infotainment screen of a user’s car via Apple CarPlay.

According to the release, homes listed for sale can be seen by users in the “Nearby” tab of the app on CarPlay. By tapping the listing users can easily get directions to the home, call an agent or save the listing in their “Favorites.” Once they have reached they destination, users can view detailed photos and specifications for the properties their favorited during their drive on their phone.

“The Rocket Homes app is making house hunting more convenient for busy homebuyers on-the-go,” Doug Seabolt, the CEO of Rocket Homes, said in a statement. “When looking for a new home, the search never stops – even when you are driving around town. That was the thought that led to this feature. Now, when home shoppers see a place that catches their eye, they do not need to remember an address, cross streets or a phone number because Rocket Homes has it handled for them.”

The Rocket Homes app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to learn a home buyer’s preferences through each listing they “Favorite” in the CarPlay app. The application then displays nearby homes that match the user’s preferences.

“By using the Rocket Homes app through CarPlay, homebuyers are able to visualize what their future could look like in real-time, bringing real estate to life right on the street where buyers could potentially live,” Eric Prigot, founder of The Collective Team at Compass, said in a statement. “As technology continues to evolve, integrating mobility in the home search experience will become preferred for many homebuyers, which is exactly what Rocket Homes is accomplishing today with this innovative product.”

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