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SmartZip Review: Can Data Improve Your Prospecting Game?

It’s no secret that homeowners search online to find a listing agent who can sell their home quickly and for top dollar. But what if you could find them first? What if you could target the right prospects, at the right moment using data? If you’re an agent, team or brokerage looking to keep a pipeline of qualified listing leads coming your way, SmartZip may the solution you need.

SmartZip uses predictive analytics to pinpoint likely sellers from 6 to 18 months in advance, offering a huge advantage in today’s low inventory market. SmartZip’s analytics are based on over 250 data points related to the properties and homeowners in your target market.

In this SmartZip review, we’ll look at how SmartZip’s suite of products use data, predictive analytics, automated marketing and lead nurturing to target homeowners who are ready to sell their homes. SmartZip users can launch targeted marketing campaigns to reach these “hot leads” and capture more listings, and its algorithm gets smarter with every home sale. Let’s learn how.


How does SmartZip work?

SmartZip analyzes and distills hundreds of data points to predict which homeowners will soon be ready to sell in your farm area. Then, it deploys marketing campaigns on your behalf. Choose one or more marketing tool — including email, online ads, or direct mail — to introduce yourself to every high-potential prospect in your targeted neighborhoods or zip codes.

You choose your territory (by neighborhood or zip code), and SmartZip activates your account. As a SmartZip user, you’ll get immediate access to its customer relationship management (CRM) tool, pre-populated with client data from your target market so you can begin marketing to those potential sellers. Access leads immediately — directly in your inbox.

SmartZip at-a-glance

SmartZip key specs 

  • Artificial intelligence:  Yes. Use AI-powered lead generdation to identify high-priority sellers. 
  • Automated marketing: Yes. Or purchase just the data and the platform, and do the mailing and marketing yourself.
  • Exclusivity: No
  • Trial period: No 
  • Contract requirements: Annual contract required

SmartZip is a lead generation, marketing and CRM solution founded in 2008. SmartZip was the first to use predictive analytics to identify patterns in real estate marketing, determining the most likely sellers. The second largest data provider behind Zillow, SmartZip leverages a predictive analytics model that has been fine-tuned over the last 13+ years. SmartZip’s predictive analytics can help you uncover qualified leads in your farm area.

SmartZip is also a solution to help you streamline your marketing efforts, keeping you in front of potential sellers and positioned to win new listings with its automated marketing. Using SmartZip’s user-friendly analysis, targeting and branding platforms, you can market to your target audience — homing in on thoses prospects with the most potential. Narrow your focus on homeowners with the highest probability of listing their homes and save time, effort and marketing dollars!

SmartZip pricing

Starting price: $500 per month

SmartZip is discreet about its pricing information, only revealing a starting price of $500 per month for its basic plan. SmartZip pricing will vary depending on the size of your chosen farm area and zip code(s). SmartZip pricing is determined by your market and needs, letting you select the features you need most and only pay for what you use each month.

As a result, ranges vary, but many agents report an average spend of over $1,000 per month on qualified leads. And according to SmartZip’s website, its Reach 150 product starts at $36 per month. Contact SmartZip directly for current pricing, custom quotes, discounts, and terms.

SmartZip pros & cons

  • You get immediate access to a CRM populated with local lead data.
  • SmartZip’s data will help you apply targeted marketing to maximize your spend.
  • You can access SmartZip on your desktop, mobile device, tablet, or laptop.
  • Pricing varies depending on packages. You need to sign up for a demo to get full pricing details.

SmartZip features

From within the SmartZip platform, you can easily outline a precise farming area and access a list of property owners in your target area who have been identified as likely to sell within the next 18 months. From there, SmartZip offers a host of useful features:

  • Smart Data: Accurate predictive analytics to help you market to the most likely sellers in your neighborhood, subdivision, or zip code(s).
  • Smart Targeting: Automated marketing to homeowners, including an eight-week, eight-email drip campaign, targeted online advertising, and direct mail.
  • Smart Home Price: Customized landing pages, including a home valuation tool for prospects and lead capture capabilities; you can make personal contact those who fill out your online form and express interest in learning more.
  • CRM: Within SmartZip’s CRM, you can send specific campaigns to selected lists, automate follow-ups, and arrange and manage leads with ease.
  • Direct Mail: Send direct mail campaigns with custom postcards and letters.
  • Reach 150 captures your clients’ positive reviews and showcases them to your contacts across the web.
  • Smart Data

    With a Smart Data subscription, you’ll have access to a software platform that works with an algorithm to help you find new listings and gain a competitive edge. The platform leverages over 250 data points on properties and homeowners to predict which properties have the highest likelihood of being listed for sale in the next 12 months.

    Instead of wasting time and thousands of dollars marketing to thousands of homeowners, you can contact and directly advertise to targeted prospects on the most popular ad networks, including Google and Facebook. This enables you to focus on prospects who have scored high using the algorithm, and leverage one-on-one personalized marketing combined with targeted online advertising to get listings.

  • Market Pulse

    Market Pulse generates housing market data points for a given zip code, letting you know about days on market, current inventory, median prices, price per square foot, and more. This snapshot can give you insight into how home values are performing for the market you want to focus on.

    Position yourself as a subject matter expert by including Market Pulse info in your clients emails, social media content, and in conversations with prospects.


  • Smart Targeting

    SmartZip’s suite of products includes Smart Targeting, a platform that can take your farming to the next level by using the data from Smart Data to automatically market your brand directly to homeowners who are most likely to sell and help you build relationships with top prospects. Enhance your brand with custom landing pages designed to convert real estate seller leads.

    You can choose from four different landing pages, including Smart Home Price, which is a home valuation page. You’ll also appreciate that SmartTargeting can help you create and share a comparative market analysis (CMA) and local market trend reports with your existing customer base.


    When your top targets visit the pages and enter their contact information, they’ll receive selling and property insights that will move them down your sales funnel.

  • Reach 150

    SmartZip’s Reach 150 sends an email survey to your clients after the closing of their transactions. You can then publish your real estate testimonials to your Reach150 profile, much like you would showcase reviews on your Zillow or Yelp profile.

    Additionally, you can use Reach150’s Recommendation Widget to show your published recommendations directly on your website.

    The Reach 150 Basic Plan includes a full-featured testimonial website, one-click testimonial requests with no login required, customizable branding, social media integration, search engine optimization, and referral requests — all for just $36 per month.

    For $119 per month, you can get all the features of the Basic Plan plus Pro features, including automated updating of ads with new testimonials, ad targeting to all your contacts, one-click social media posts of testimonials, and more.

    An Enterprise Plan is also available if you need enterprise branding and a consolidated testimonial website, geo-targeted ads, a branded marketing platform, and ad creation support. Contact SmartZip for Enterprise Plan pricing.

Check-in app: The SmartZip app gives you a daily action plan and lead alerts, enabling you to focus on the homeowners who are ready to sell. What’s more, each recommended action includes deep insights into the prospect so you can better understand their needs.

SmartBroker: For brokerages looking to recruit and retain agents, SmartBroker is a benefit you can tout to producing agents you’d like to bring on board, and a way to keep your current team supplied with a steady stream of leads. Deliver value to each agent in your brokerage, whether they are looking to generate listing leads or launch a Facebook campaign. SmartBroker gives your agents access to the exclusive SmartAgent program, featuring a network of plug-and-play apps that can automate critical tasks that agents don’t have time for.

SmartZip alternatives

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Predictive analytics paired with automated marketing tools

SmartZip offers a CRM populated with high-probability sellers in your targeted neighborhoods or zip codes, helping you focus your marketing efforts, spend less, and sign more listings using automated tools.

Starting Price

$500 / user per month

Visit SmartZip

How SmartZip compares

SmartZip Market Leader Top Producer
Exclusivity: No Yes No
Contract requirements:  One-year contract Six-month minimum One-year contract
Customer support: Ticket, email, phone, and live chat Email, phone, live chat, and knowledge base Articles and videos, webinars, email, and live chat
Free period: Undisclosed Undisclosed No free trial
Starting price: Custom-quoted $139 $109

Who is SmartZip best for?

While SmartZip primarily benefits experienced listing agents, anyone looking to spend less time determining who is ready to buy or sell can use SmartZip’s technology to do their prospecting for them. SmartZip gets you and your brand in front of the right prospects to capture their attention right before they decide to list their home.

SmartZip is ideal for agents and teams who want to leverage data and technology to refine their prospecting efforts. Instead of casting a wide net, you can focus on prospective clients with the most potential to sell, affording you more time to focus on client service, marketing, networking and closing deals.

SmartZip not only gives you vital information to use in targeting prospects, but also provides automated messaging to connect with them. It’s a more time-efficient way to ensure that you’re the agent they turn to when they’re ready to sell. 

Agents who can afford to spend up to $1,000 per month on targeted marketing will benefit from SmartZip, which promises to 2x the turnover rate of your prospecting efforts.

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine SmartZip technology with traditional marketing approaches?+

Yes. With SmartZip, you can customize high-gloss postcards to drive targeted prospects to your landing page. For an additional touchpoint, SmartZip offers a digitally hand-written letter with a customizable signature and note capability, as well as the option to add a QR code so recipients can easily visit your home valuation/lead capture page.

What resources does SmartZip provide?+

SmartZip offers users an array of resources, including a free Guide to Geo-Farming for Real Estate Agents, a downloadable real estate business plan template, and a free pre-listing interview form.

Is SmartZip right for you?+

Considering that only 5% of homeowners are thinking of selling at any given time, having a list of potential real estate leads isn’t enough. If you don’t want to waste time determining who is ready and willing to sell or buy, SmartZip’s predictive analytics is a game changer for you business.

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