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Stavvy is a truly comprehensive digital closing platform, the only solution to offer a SMART Doc engine that extends the savings, efficiency and security of eNotes to all mortgage documents for all loan programs and across all 50 states while supporting every type of eClosing and eNotarization. Stavvy offers real estate professionals the flexibility and reliability needed to grow their business and meet their customers’ demands — when, where and how they want.

Stavvy’s all-in-one, integrated eClosing solution weaves native data-enhanced SMART Docs for all documents in a closing package, a customizable eClosing experience, eNotarization technology for RON and IPEN, and a proprietary eVault into a seamless flow of data. Stavvy’s eClosing solution offers unparalleled adaptability, engineered to support a variety of closing types, including both hybrid and full eClosing with eNote and eVault.

Stavvy’s SMART Doc technology transforms every closing document into a data-enriched and secure electronic file that can be machine-read and validated automatically prior to closing, immediately upon closing and at any time after by any counterparty.  By combining its document engine with its eClosing, eNotarization and eVault technology, Stavvy offers a fully integrated comprehensive solution that eliminates contractual and integration pain points and digital adoption challenges caused by solutions that require multiple vendors to provide a full eClosing experience.

Stavvy’s solution enhances real estate transactions’ efficiency, compliance and security. It eliminates many manual processes that are prone to errors, omissions and risks by digitizing them, speeding up the transaction, significantly reducing the potential for human error and enhancing the overall accuracy and reliability of the closing process.

Its adherence to industry standards and regulations strengthens compliance in the closing process. Stavvy’s compliance focus is critical in today’s heavily regulated real estate environment, ensuring that all transactions are legally sound and adhere to the latest legal requirements.

And in terms of security, Stavvy enhances the safety of transactions with robust security protocols and encryption. This enhanced security ensures the protection of sensitive client and transaction data, a crucial aspect in the digital age.

Additionally, the Stavvy digital mortgage platform provides greater transparency throughout the closing process. With functionality like digital audit trails and real-time tracking, all parties involved in a transaction have a clear and up-to-date understanding of the process, fostering a sense of trust and clarity often lacking in traditional closing methods.

Stavvy’s technology propels the eClosing process forward by offering a seamless, secure and efficient solution. The platform streamlines the real estate closing process by allowing electronic submission, notarization and delivery of documents. This digital approach reduces the time and cost associated with manual tasks, expedites the delivery process, and enhances operational efficiencies.

By incorporating advanced identity verification and digital signatures, Stavvy ensures the integrity and security of the closing process, thereby advancing the real estate industry toward a more reliable and user-friendly future.

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