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More Local Brokerages Added To Georgia Commission Lawsuit Defendant List

An amended complaint in the Phillips copycat commission lawsuit filed on Wednesday in northern Georgia names a slew of additional defendants, as well as three new plaintiffs. Originally filed in late November, the Phillips lawsuit accuses real estate industry players of colluding to artificially inflate real estate agent commissions. Central

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November Jobs Report Comes In Stronger Than Expected

Employers picked up the hiring pace in November, shaking investors’ confidence in the Federal Reserve’s likelihood of cutting interest rates in 2024.  November job gains grew faster than expected, posting an increase of 199,000 jobs in November, up from 150,000 in October, according to data released by the Bureau of

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How Scammers Are Using AI To Commit New Fraud In Real Estate

Sarah Wheeler sat down with Tom Cronkright, co-founder and executive chairman of CertifID and CEO of Sun Title, to talk about battling the latest frauds and scams as bad actors leverage a new arsenal of tech tools to wreak havoc on buyers and sellers of real estate. This interview has

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