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How Analysts See 2024 Shaping Up For Mortgage Lenders

Kyle Joseph, a specialty finance equity research analyst at Jefferies, believes that the worst of the current mortgage cycle may be behind us, a sentiment shared by most analysts covering this industry. “Barring any sort of unforeseen consequences, I’d like to think so,” Joseph said in an interview. “Obviously, this

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The 2023 Housing Market Bent, But Didn’t Break

As we approach Christmas day, we can only hope that the Federal Reserve now realizes their fear of 1970s-style inflation created a rate-hike cycle that disproportionately impacted the U.S. housing market and that they need to be pro-housing again. Even with all the drama we have dealt with in 2022-2023,

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New Home Sales Market Welcomes Lower Mortgage Rates

New home sales missed sales estimates, but the builders’ stocks have been roaring higher. What gives? There are two key things to remember before I go into the report’s details. Mortgage rates rising to 8% in October impacted the data line, which I spoke about on CNBC recently. Also, new

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What Makes Gen Z Homebuyers Different?

Entering the real estate finance world in the summer of 2022 as a 23-year-old, I immediately felt like a fish out of water. Attending industry-related conferences and visiting clients, I was typically the only person in the room under the age of 30. Our industry is full of professionals with

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November Sees The Lowest Level Of New Home Sales In A Year

New home sales fell month-over-month in November to their lowest level since last November. But despite this dip, 2023 is poised to be one of homebuilders’ busiest years. Total new home sales are expected to reach about 5% higher than last year, while sales of existing homes are down by

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