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Record Number Of 65-Year-Olds Will Reshape The Age Milestone: WSJ

More Americans are reaching the milestone age of 65, and these people are redefining what 65 looks like in comparison to prior generations — with a raft of implications for American society. This is according to a recent story published by the The Wall Street Journal. “Today’s 65-year-olds are redefining

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Reduce Title, Real Estate And Mortgage Risk With A Cyber Response Plan

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, businesses in the title insurance, mortgage and real estate industries must prioritize cybersecurity response planning and business continuity. The second in our “Reducing Risk” series, this month’s article provides practical strategies for safeguarding your enterprise to ensure its resilience against cyber threats. By breaking

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Baird & Warner Partners With Data Provider RealReports

Illinois-based Baird & Warner, an independent real estate brokerage, partnered with proptech firm RealReports, the companies announced Tuesday. The news comes on the heels of the Keyes Company’s partnership with RealReports in October 2023.  The collaboration is designed to allow all of Baird & Warner’s 2,000-plus agents to benefit from RealReports’s

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Opinion: The Role Of The LO Will Soon Be Very Different

Several historic events over the past few years have brought seismic changes to the way the mortgage lending industry operates. The impact of the pandemic and an unprecedented refinance boom followed in short order by the highest interest rates seen in decades cannot be overstated. Today, as we face what

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What Should Lenders Consider In 2024 For Collateral Risk?

Gareth Borcherds, managing director, Ascent Software Group The GSEs are taking a closer look at how they evaluate collateral risk. Appraisal modernization is vital. Gareth Borcherds, managing director Ascent Software Group outlines the three categories to be aware of, how appraisal modernization can help scale new initiatives and more in

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